06 Jul 2010
Paragon receives great interest at the 2010 SIG conference and exhibition.
01 Jan 2010
Paragon partnership is contracted by the Commonwealth of Australia to provide a Paragon specific training solution for a variety of advanced sensor equipment in operational use.
05 May 2009
Paragon @ CeBIT 2009. Come to Darling Harbour May 12th-14th to see Paragon in action!
16 Sep 2008
Paragon impresses industry at Australian Security in Govt conference.
28 May 2008
New Paragon features debut at AOC International Exhibition and Symposium 2008

What security features does Paragon support?

Paragon systems can be configured to provide multiple layers of security. The Paragon servers themselves can be run over SSL if required to ensure maximum piece of mind. Additionally, multiple levels of access control can be used to control access to any created content. Both for security as well as validation of test results, Paragon maintains logs off all system accesses as well as changes to the system via an in-depth audit trail that can be viewed as needed.