06 Jul 2010
Paragon receives great interest at the 2010 SIG conference and exhibition.
01 Jan 2010
Paragon partnership is contracted by the Commonwealth of Australia to provide a Paragon specific training solution for a variety of advanced sensor equipment in operational use.
05 May 2009
Paragon @ CeBIT 2009. Come to Darling Harbour May 12th-14th to see Paragon in action!
16 Sep 2008
Paragon impresses industry at Australian Security in Govt conference.
28 May 2008
New Paragon features debut at AOC International Exhibition and Symposium 2008

Lessons / Assessments

Easily set up courses with structured step-by-step lesson ploans to let staff learn at a flesibile pace and build on existing knowledge with a logical sequence of lessons and assessments.

The course feature gives you flexibility to create courses for individual staff or whole departments in accordance with your organisational requirements. Users can log in and see which courses they are enrolled in, which lessons and assessments they have completed, and any pre-requisites, co-requisites or assessment tasks required to continue the course.

Paragon's powerful and easy-to-use web-based graphical user interface makes it easy for users to step through lessons and assessments. The in-line quiz feature allows instant feedback so staff can test their knowlege and move confidently to any formal assessment.

Users can also reinforce knowledge by communicating in real-time with supervisors using the in-built online chat feature, which can communicate to external messaging systems, email or even SMS, or by posting questions on their course forum.

Assessments can use any and all of a rich set of answer formats. These include multiple choice, true/false, flash interactive, checkbox style multiple correct, and essay input, with facilities for automatic scoring or supervisor marking.