06 Jul 2010
Paragon receives great interest at the 2010 SIG conference and exhibition.
01 Jan 2010
Paragon partnership is contracted by the Commonwealth of Australia to provide a Paragon specific training solution for a variety of advanced sensor equipment in operational use.
05 May 2009
Paragon @ CeBIT 2009. Come to Darling Harbour May 12th-14th to see Paragon in action!
16 Sep 2008
Paragon impresses industry at Australian Security in Govt conference.
28 May 2008
New Paragon features debut at AOC International Exhibition and Symposium 2008

Results / Reports

Paragon allows individual users to track their own assessment results and monitor and bookmark their progress within courses. This is particularly important in compliance training where as the employer, you need to know that every staff member has been through each module and undertaken the associated assessment.

Paragon also allows supervisors to monitor user results to check performance levels and quickly identify potential problems, issues or training gaps. Paragon can alert users and supervisors of incomplete training and approaching deadlines.

Paragon contains a number of built-in reports, including reporting on individual and group performance, rate of course completion, and pass/fail rates for individual assessments, allowing you to properly evaluate the effectiveness of your training and to monitor training performance and rectify any serious problems quickly.

Reports are instantly available to supervisors with just a few mouse clicks. Additional customised reports can be added on request.