06 Jul 2010
Paragon receives great interest at the 2010 SIG conference and exhibition.
01 Jan 2010
Paragon partnership is contracted by the Commonwealth of Australia to provide a Paragon specific training solution for a variety of advanced sensor equipment in operational use.
05 May 2009
Paragon @ CeBIT 2009. Come to Darling Harbour May 12th-14th to see Paragon in action!
16 Sep 2008
Paragon impresses industry at Australian Security in Govt conference.
28 May 2008
New Paragon features debut at AOC International Exhibition and Symposium 2008

About Us

Paragon has been developed using the expertise of Enable Software and Aducate Systems. This collaboration brings together Enable's leading-edge software solutions with Aducate's training experience in both military and civilian environments.

Enable is a market leader in secure communications monitoring systems for high-end military clients. They create cutting-edge software solutions for business and consumers, through development of specific application software and provision of specialized software development and engineering services. The innovative and creative development team at Enable draws on a range of qualifications and experience in computer engineering and electronics and communications engineering for a diverse range of applications.

Aducate is a training systems provider. Their aim is to ensure that the e-learning method of Paragon will be relevant to the principles of learning and is able to be flexibly developed, delivered and supported. Aducate is facilitated by a team of professionals with formal qualifications in Human Resources, Management and Vocational Training who can additionally offer training needs analysis and training on a range of subjects. Aducate has a diverse client market in the private and public sectors (Military and Government).