06 Jul 2010
Paragon receives great interest at the 2010 SIG conference and exhibition.
01 Jan 2010
Paragon partnership is contracted by the Commonwealth of Australia to provide a Paragon specific training solution for a variety of advanced sensor equipment in operational use.
05 May 2009
Paragon @ CeBIT 2009. Come to Darling Harbour May 12th-14th to see Paragon in action!
16 Sep 2008
Paragon impresses industry at Australian Security in Govt conference.
28 May 2008
New Paragon features debut at AOC International Exhibition and Symposium 2008

How can Paragon help you?

Paragon saves you time. External trainer use can be reduced and training with Paragon can be conducted in ‘real time’. Employees can access training modules to allow flexibility with business and individuals needs. Organisations can choose to populate and maintain lesson content, administer and monitor usage with Paragon. Alternately, our staff can assist you with training, content and advice.

Paragon saves you money. Undertaking e-learning with the Paragon system can reduce direct and indirect costs; the resources spent on external trainers, training space, travel, and accommodation. The Paragon system provides convenient, in-house cost benefits, assisting the evaluation of the training and leading to increased productivity (improved methods reducing effort, higher levels of skill leading to faster work, higher level of motivation leading to increased effort).

Paragon gives you superior flexibility. In the fast paced business environment of today, Paragon provides access to training no matter where the location* and time differences and role. Administrators can adjust lesson content via easy formats. Paragon lets you tailor a course of study dependent on the needs of an individual or whole organisation.

How can Paragon assist with maximising training potential?

Paragon can help you maximise your training by:

  • Providing a linear learning method (learn A, then B, then C).
  • Allowing the direction and order of learning to be controlled and connection between the lesson plans (tailoring).
  • Facilitating communications between trainers, trainees and the actual delivery of training.
  • Utilising both training and the storage of intellectual capital.
  • Reducing the duplication of resources by allowing easy access for updates.

*Paragon requires access to a computer with a web browser.